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Best of TechEd 2008 Developers and K2


Last night at the awards ceremony K2 blackpearl was awarded the Best of TechEd 2008 Developers award for SharePoint Development. Congratulations to K2 and all the winners.


Best of Tech-Ed 2008 Developer Awards – more information on the awards and the competitors in the SharePoint category.

When we set out -Comments from Adriaan Van Wyk (CEO of K2) upon being named as a finalist in the 2008 American Business Awards

K2 blackpoint more info


There were a bunch of comments on my two post about blackpoint (Exciting news being released on Monday morning from K2, Announcing K2 blackpoint). So I figured I would bubble them up into a full post Q & A style. There is also some extra information on here:

Will partners sell this?
It seems at the low price point, K2 will sell direct?

We see that the majority of Blackpoint sales will be driven though our partners. Our strategy is a partner focussed one and that will definitely not change for Blackpoint.
Dave (VP Alliances – K2)

Dave Marcus

It’s going to be great to create K2 solutions without having customers fork out big fees…
Is this instead of Black Pearl for SharePoint?

Yes, the price is very nice. Remember that blackpoint is focus on creating workflows from SharePoint. You could create them by hand but blackpoint lets no technical users create workflows. You can always upgrade from blackpoint to blackpearl.


Does blackpoint use Silver light 1.0 or 2.0?


There will be a web designer that will be written if I am not mistaken on silverlight 2.0. I have seen early builds of it and is pretty awesome. You will when be able to pull the workflow into any of the designers you might have.


Whats the difference between this and the Beta 2 BlackPoint released last year?


Hi Jackie,
There was no beta 2 blackpoint …you were probably referring to K2[blackpearl] which is an RTM product and is been in the market since August 2007.

jey can add Microsoft also in the bad face list..nintex will also have a problem..but people like Skelta, Agilepoint and captaris are not even competing in that space as they focus more on enterprise customers…and i’m very sure that they don’t want to be in that space because Sharepoint already provides what Nintex and Blackpoint claim to do on MOSS.

Point Blank

K2 does compete on an enterprise level. blackpearl is meant to compete with those products. Here is a great post on product differences…/


The T-Shirts of TechEd 2008 Developers


After the expo last night, I took photos of all the t-shirt I collected. I have both the fronts and the backs pictured. If there is a shirt I am missing and want it displayed here, make a comment and I will stop by and pick one up and add it to the photos below.

K2 blackpoint T-shirtK2 blackpoint T-shirtTelerick geekette T-shirtTelerick geekette T-shirtTelerick .Net Ninja T-shirtTelerick .Net Ninja T-shirtOnPath Never Lost  T-shirtOnPath Never Lost  T-shirtInfragistics T-shirtInfragistics T-shirtTraining Camp It Superhero T-shirtSourcegear t-shirtSourcegear t-shirtVisual Studio T-shirtVisual Studio T-shirtInfragistics T-shirtInfragistics T-shirtPreEmptive T-shirtPreEmptive T-shirtTechEd 2008 T-shirt

Picked up two more shirts

Redgate T-shirtRedgate T-shirtDevexpress T-shirtDevexpress T-shirt

Bill Gates final keynote


Bill Gates spoke this morning at TechEd 2008. There is plenty on coverage on this so I wont go over it (TechEd 2008: Gates’ Last Keynote, Gates to look back, ahead on tools in his last Microsoft keynote). I just wanted to put up a few photos.

Bill arrives on stage.

Bill Gates @ Teched 2008

The Ballmer Bot. It would say developers, developers, developers!!! Sorry it is blurry.

The Ballmer Bot

The keynote area. Apparently there are 6,000 developers here.

TechEd 2008 Keynote

Announcing K2 blackpoint


K2 blackpoint is being officially being released tomorrow. This is the exciting news that I mentioned earlier.

What is it?

K2 blackpoint is a design and runtime experience that allows users to visually create process-driven solutions from within the Microsoft SharePoint environment. It is K2 blackpearl without some of the extras.

What you can do?

You can create a process that will be connected to a document library or to a content type. It has the full power of the blackpearl engine underneath the hood. You will be able to upgrade to blackpearl seamlessly when you are ready.

What do you get?

K2 Studio

This is a design canvas that provides an office like design environment. It will provide a drag-and-drop interface that will provide all the capabilities of building workflow as the Visual Studio environment, except the ability to opening the WF schedules.

Process Portal

A dashboard in SharePoint that will give you access to everything you might need for the process. You will be able to fix a process in error, modify permissions, get reports, access you tasklists. You can create you own portal sites or extend an exiting sites. It is just a set of webparts that you can modify the page to your hearts content.

How much is it?

Here is the really sweet part. The prices are base on how many instances of the blackpoint server you are running.

$5000 per server and 200 users

$10,000 per server and 500 users

$15,000 per server and unlimited users

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